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Set of Four Mystery Clips

Set of Four Mystery Clips

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In this set of four clips you will receive: 2 hair claws, 1 barrette and 1 hair pin/hair tie/hair comb

You can choose between 2 collections: Mixed Pastels or Mixed Bright. These sets of four include hair clips from our current and past collections. You make a choice of the theme and we will choose four random hair clips from our stock. 

Bright set includes Charlotte barrette, Kathleen and Delphine claw, Margherita pin and other clips in bright colours.

Pastels set includes all hair clips with shells and other pastel coloured clips, including Bella hair claw, Delphine, Margot  and Romy barrette, Greta Hair pin and many others. 

Items that appear in our Tiny Flaws collection haven’t met our strict quality standards. This could be due to things like small scratches, misaligned teeth, bumps, discolouration, missing studs...

Instead of sending these back to our manufacturer where they would likely end up in a landfill, we have decided to sell these products at a significant discount. 

 *Please note that these products are final sale

*Pictures shown are for illustration purpose only. Actual sets may be different from what you see in these images.

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