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Aurora Silk Pillowcase

Aurora Silk Pillowcase

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We love helping you adorn your hair with beautiful hair accessories, however we know it can be very stressful keeping your locks healthy and strong. We've decided to make the perfect nightly solution for damaged and brittle hair. Introducing Aurora rosy pink pillowcase in 100% Mulberry Silk.

Silk can be very beneficial for your hair and skin. We know that cotton can draw moisture from your face, hair and scalp but silk is a natural material that helps reducing creases on your face and prevents your hair from being twisted and damaged while you sleep.

This item's measurements are:

Length: 75cm

Width: 50cm

-22 MM silk

Hand wash only in tepid water. Use a pea sized amount of laundry detergent . Do not bleach. Do not tumble dry. Do not wring. Dry on a flat surface & in the shade. Iron on low heat.


Due to hygiene reasons, we cannot accept returns or exchanges where the packaging has been opened. If there's any issues with the item you ordered, please contact us.

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